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It's hard as hell to keep things alive. ORCHIDS began as a rumination on building, growing, failing and starting again. The name is meant to embody the ongoing quest to maintain the perfect balance and make something thrive. Embracing the joy of unearthing something new, but always keeping mindful of how easily things fall apart.

ORCHIDS is the moniker used by Nicole Marie Dessingue (singer, songwriter and actress), formerly of Boston blip-poppers Stereo Telescope, for this synth-driven solo project that became a production collaborative. Co-conspirators have included producer Nick Zampiello (of New Alliance East Mastering) and award-winning DJ/producer L’Duke (aka DJ Leah V) who helped launch the project in bedrooms in 2013. ORCHIDS didn’t wait for a debut album to start leaving an impression on hometown Boston. A sparkling teaser video, their dark pop take on A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” an invitation to record at Converse Rubber Tracks, and emotional, high energy live performances have left audiences with much to pine for.

ORCHIDS releases a debut EP titled MYSTIC October 23rd, 2015 on Sky Council Recordings.

MYSTIC weaves shimmering synths and delicate harmonies together with the piston precision of smartly-layered beats, but at the heart of it lies the natural world. The songs embody the deepest parts of the sea and the furthest points on the horizon, massive textures where the wild still roam. From its thousand-foot view MYSTIC conjures the unknowable place we long to go again and again, to be ripped up and reassembled. These are oceanic performances reflecting a cosmic pain. Free of restraint, many times rebuilt, ORCHIDS reveals itself with the grace of waves.

ORCHIDS’ intriguing live performances have included Dessingue on vocals, keys and a Moog Etherwave Theremin and L’Duke on decks with plans to add more collaborating artists. Recently joined in the studio by Zampiello for co-writing and production, ORCHIDS has rounded out a diverse and emotional synthpop sound that evokes equal parts revelry and reflection. It’s shimmering pop with a dark heart.



Booking and Press:
Nicole Marie - orchids.band.music@gmail.com
Label and Licensing:
T. H. White - THW@skycouncilrecordings.com